Spring at home: fully experience the outdoors for an alternative holiday…

After the recent lockdown, 2020 is a year for rediscovering your home and the wonderful opportunities it offers for a “staycation”.  Nowhere in your home offers more opportunity than the outdoors, whether it is a smaller deck or patio area or a larger entertainment zone.  Lets take a look at some valuable tips for spending a safe, relaxing spring at home.

Tips for a different kind of holiday

Spring brings us a break between winter and summer and offers crisp, clean evenings and glorious weekends; a perfect opportunity to recharge with positive energy. But that’s not all – it offers an escape from our weekly domestic dimension and an opportunity to build a peaceful and safe environment where we can get back in touch with nature.

A cinema under the stars

Warmer days, spring evenings and starry skylines offer the perfect back drop for an outdoor cinema!  Whether it’s a classic film or action film that is your cup of tea; with a little bit of energy, spring temperatures offer the perfect setting to create your very own cinema. You don’t need very much to create a dreamy ambience: a hanging sheet or a screen, a projector, Bluetooth speakers, pillows and comfortable chairs, decorative lights to add a magical flair and of course your Corradi Pergotenda to assist in controlling any weather and your cinema is ready to open!

Ps oh and of course…don’t forget the popcorn!

Cooking in nature

If there is one thing Australians do well, its cooking in the outdoors.  With the growing trend for outdoor kitchens, cooking outdoors provides the perfect way to supplement our travel bug by allowing us to discover places, aromas and exotic flavours of the places on our travel list. So why not set up a kitchen outside, immersed in an evocative, elegant environment? An outdoor cooking space can be an excellent solution for an international inspired lunch, dinner or picnic.  The most important aspect of this project is to carefully define the space, and above all to create a protected, well-equipped environment made possible by a bioclimatic pergola specially designed so you can enjoy cooking in your outdoor kitchen.

Gardening, gardening, gardening!

Have you always wanted your own green space like the ones you see in the movies? Despite increasing temperatures, spring is the perfect time to rethink your outdoors and dedicate yourself to gardening.  Not only will this provide a quiet moment to restore your mind (and your heart), it is your opportunity to re-establish contact with nature. Because any garden can become a tiny kingdom, constant care and attention is required so this might also be a good opportunity to download a gardening app and try experimenting with lines and shapes.  Don’t just dream of the open boundless spaces of a meadow garden, be daring and find your harmony and refinement in a garden of your design!

Alternative activities for great activities

Have you ever thought about putting a tent in the garden? Camping or “clamping” has become a popular travel destination so why not try this at home?  Everyone’s version of luxury is different and setting up your own clamping experience is simple: maximum care for maximum comfort. Depending on the space available, all you need is an area that is protected from the elements and some well thought out equipment: large carpets, soft pillows, seats and low tables to create an intimate, romantic atmosphere and of course, your Corradi retractable roof can help you turn on the stars at the flick of a remote.


So, let yourself be inspired: the only limit to a spring of wellness is your imagination!  Check out our beautiful retractable rooves at .





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