Specialist Products

Our many years of service have provided us with opportunities to secure agency arrangements with many unique products. Please feel free to shop through the following links to gain access to many specialised products.

Corradi Agency

As the Queensland agent for Corradi Australia: motorised roofing, shutters and awning system. Refresh Interiors has the unique opportunity to offer first to market true European styled retractable roof systems that provide additional living space and full climate control from Summer to Winter.

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Helioscreen Agency

Helioscreen has been manufacturing the world’s best external sun control systems since the late 80’s. The Australian owned company produces a complete range of internal and outdoor blinds and shade systems.

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Zipscreen Agency

Zipscreen is our signature outdoor shade system series. Built with integrated zip-guided zLock technology, Zipscreen allows for an ultra-smooth fabric finish, and a completely sealed system. Less wind, rain, glare and insects, so your outdoor area is usable all year round. Available up to 5.8 meter widths, and custom-built to fit.

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