Zipscreen Agency

Zipscreen is our signature outdoor shade system series. Built with integrated zip-guided zLock technology, Zipscreen allows for an ultra-smooth fabric finish, and a completely sealed system.Less wind, rain, glare and insects, so your outdoor area is usable all year round. Available up to 5.8 meter widths, and custom-built to fit.

Zipscreen Agency

Zipscreen Extreme system grants the ability to achieve up to 7m widths and up to 35m2 of coverage, with its robust hardware, made specifically for much larger distances and coverage.The perfect solution for large external applications, domestic or commercial, the extreme system creates a new opportunity to achieve greater, grander, beautiful blinds.

Thanks to our dedicated Innovation and Design Center, we’re constantly finding new ways to design, lock, control and install our shades, to ensure our end result is easy-to-use, contemporary and perfectly suited to your needs.

The ZIPSCREEN Difference

Australian designed, made and celebrated, Zipscreen has thrived to deliver cutting-edge technology and go beyond the average outdoor shade solution. Developed in 1988, our patented zip-guided system, z-LOCK™, is the only one of its kind and has prevailed over the last 3 decades to be one of our most distinguishable differences, and a true benchmark for our innovative design. Since then, our modern technology, has been continuously refined over the last 30 years to deliver only the highest quality products and solutions.

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