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Queensland agent for Corradi Australia: Pergotenda is the motorised sliding covering system patented by Corradi. Refresh Interiors has the unique opportunity to offer first to market true European styled retractable roof systems that provide additional living space and full climate control from Summer to Winter. Corradi elevates your outdoor space by adding on another indoor outdoor room or transforming an existing area into a versatile space for all year round living. Add an outdoor room to your property with Corradi.

Showcase Millenium Celeb

The understated elegance of the Millenium Celeb compliments the design aesthetic of any existing architecture. Made of aluminium and stainless steel the Millenium Celeb anchors to your wall to create an extension and evolution of your indoor space. When open around the perimeter, its structure emphasises the lines of the front nodes, lending itself to the timeless classic.

The patented retractable roof system uses the unique multi-layer material, Eclipse, which blocks water and UV rays and has a soft fabric texture. Along with anti-drip technology and integrated gutters, which channel water to manage rain run-off, your outdoor room is sure to stay dry.

Why buy a retractable roof system?

Using the latest in European design and engineering the retractable roof range is made from architectural grade aluminium and stainless steel fixtures that have been developed to ensure smooth operation and high durability. Thanks to the unique high torque motor drive system the fabric is always kept under perfect tension by a self-adjusting motor unit. Using optional weather sensors such as wind or rain sensors provides the added benefit of automatic control even when the user is away.

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