Corradi and lighting: options for your outdoor space

We often talked about the importance of a good outdoor lighting system to enjoy the outdoor spaces, but in this article, we want to go further: let’s see how to choose the best lighting for your Corradi structure, discovering different materials and stylistic solutions.

Gazebo and pergola lighting: all Corradi solutions

It is essential to think about a lighting system that is functional and with a strong visual impact: choosing the right lighting means giving an evocative atmosphere to the outdoor space, making it pleasant and welcoming without sacrificing a touch of design.

Appearance, technology, emotion: Because outdoor lighting is more than a simple detail: it is the ‘cherry on the top’, the element that permeates an environment in a harmonious way, giving it comfort and character. Corradi knows it well, and that’s why for years, Corradi have been offering various customisable and cutting-edge solutions, because every outdoor space deserves to be enhanced with the right lighting: effective but not intrusive, elegant and contemporary, but not cold or impersonal. Let’s take a look at them.

LED lights for sustainable lighting with a great impact

We have talked about functionality and appearance, and certainly the best choice to create impressive lighting for pergolas and gazebos is the LED technology, also offered by Corradi. In fact, this type of light is able to illuminate any environment, thanks to its durability and great versatility of use, and can be integrated into the structure in a very discreet way, allowing to make full use of all the space without using hanging lamps or additional ceiling lights.

Another benefit to this lighting system?
LEDs provide an excellent light quality while reducing energy costs, because they do not require maintenance, and last for a long time, allowing you to reduce the environmental impact. Moreover, the do not emit U.V.A and U.V.B radiation, therefor they attract fewer insects compared to traditional lights: this feature, together with a garden insect screen, could be a winning element to ensure maximum serenity to guests or customers during outdoor moments, especially when the weather is nice.

A practical and styling alternative: integrated lighting

The contemporary trend of integrated lighting, i.e. lighting directly inserted into the outdoor cover, for example through LED strips or spotlights. Corradi offers integrated lighting options for all of our bioclimatic or Pergotenda models:

  • Experience: a kit of LED lights included on the tubing supporting the pergola canvas, available with different colour tones, warm white or RGB system. The strength of this solution is the possibility of creating unique and distinctive atmospheres by choosing different colours.
  • Ray: if you are looking for something that perfectly combines design and practicality, elegance and appearance and that enhances your outdoor space, this lighting system reflects all these characteristics. This is a lighting system with warm white and adjustable light that can be used on both the internal perimeter of the Pergotenda and bioclimatic pergolas, and as stand-alone system: for example, affixed to the pillars.

Spotlights are another broadly used option. In this case, Corradi solutions are specifically designed for the Sun Sails, perfect for enriching your outdoor space and characterising it in an original and always new way. Spotlights are resistant and functional, and can be strategically placed, depending on the area that you want to illuminate. Very evocative, they also allow you to play with lights and shadows creating affinities and contrasts that will certainly not go unnoticed, for a real 5-star outdoor area.

Contamination and synergy of styles among LEDs, light strings and lamps

Outdoor lighting is not just a functional element for the structures and passageways of your outdoor space, they become an opportunity to impress your guests or customers. The keywords are contamination and synergy of different styles, which must be combined in an aesthetically balanced way, with the aim of further embellishing the environment. For this reason, once you have decided on your intended use of your Corradi unit e.g. dining area or perhaps outdoor hot tub – you can choose the type of lights to combine: LEDs integrated in the pillars or canvas of pergolas can be alternated with illuminated vases to give a chic tone to the atmosphere, or a light string placed at the entry of the pergola that reminds a charming and romantic illuminated arch, even better if decorated with beautiful climbing plants. Free your creativity and play with the details to give your guests – and yourself – an unforgettable experience.

With Corradi you will find the ideal outdoor solution with just one goal: ensure an outdoor space to live in without limits and excite at any time of the day and night.  Corradi: synonymous with excellence and innovation!


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