How to Design a Terrace in the City: 4 Things to Know

Often, living in the city limits the space of the domestic environment. Therefore, having a terrace available is a real treasure: a small oasis of calm and well-being, where you can pause the frenetic rhythms of life and recharge yourself with new energy. In order for this environment to be truly comfortable, it is essential to project the terrace planning and detail – from the choice of materials to the plants, from the floor to the lighting – to take full advantage of the potential of the exterior space itself. To create designer terraces, there are some important recommendations to carefully consider: are you curious to find out what they are?

Projecting a design terrace: 4 tips to help create your green oasis

Green and sustainable architecture trends promote the idea of reconnecting with nature by creating green “shelters”: one of the solutions that is in vogue in urban contexts is an outdoor space where the harmonious balance between the environment and human being, between simplicity and elegance, can manifest itself in an innovative and contemporary way. We see together some suggestions to make the best use of your own outdoor space in the city.

  1. The perfect coverage for maximum comfort

The first step that must be taken in your terrace project of the terrace itself is the orientation of the terrace. For example, if you are exposed to the southwest, you will receive more sun exposure and, therefore, you can take advantage of having an outdoor room with small sofas, soft cushions, and coffee tables. However, in this instance, it is essential to think about a cover to protect the terrace, for example with Pergotenda Maestro: due to the aluminium structure and its design that combines maximum elegance and personalisation with practicality, you can take advantage of the space without limits, at any time of the day or night. On the contrary, if the terrace is exposed to the north or northwest, it will be in the shade most of the day: in this case, it is recommended to project a gallery for balconies, thus creating a warmer and more welcoming environment, to protect during the months of winter with specific glass slide structures, that allow a panoramic view.

  1. The right floor to every style

Another important aspect to consider is the floor. To do this, it is necessary to think about aesthetics, as well as functionality. In general, it is recommended to choose materials resistant to atmospheric agents and anti-slip – such as stone, porcelain stoneware or treated wood – to obtain a safe and comfortable environment, depending on the style you prefer, from the most modern and minimalist to the most intimate and cosy.

  1. An urban jungle to regenerate: the flowery terrace

Firstly, the exposure of the terrace to the sun, the temperatures it reaches, and the contamination of the surrounding area must be evaluated to confirm the conditions that can affect the survival of the plants. In general, perennials are recommended to enjoy green all year round – such as camellias, bamboo, Japanese maple, and aromatic herbs – or climbing plants: abundant foliage and lush flowering will guarantee a great scenic impact.

Play with the spaces and divide the terrace into several zones – on the one hand, you can create a small living corner, with a barbeque for moments to share with friends or relatives, on the other hand, a small garden, or a Fen Shui garden in a reduced version to practise yoga during the most pleasant days. Remember that you must have access to water, to use for watering plants during the hottest months.

  1. Specific lighting for design terraces

What can be more pleasant than spending a warm night on the flowery terrace itself? To enjoy the urban outdoor space even after sunset, an element that cannot be missed is an outdoor lighting installation. But be careful, because a terrace should not be excessively illuminated, interrupting  the darkness, and disturbing the neighbours; always choose low intensity light sources, not too invasive, that diffuse the light intimately.

An aesthetically very effective option is the LED lighting integrated into your Corradi structure with which you can create very refined lighting sets. On the other hand, if you want to surprise the guests with an atmosphere of oriental charm, openwork lanterns scattered around the room will be perfect.

We have explored four useful aspects to decorate a modern and designer terrace, but the possibilities are endless. Looking for more advice? We can help you choose the structure that can best enhance your outdoor space and reflect your tastes and demands to enjoy it to the fullest.


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